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Pizza Peel & Slicer

A handmade wooden pizza peel & slicer are a great gifts for real pizza amateur!


These can be used to place and remove the pizza from the oven, but it can also be used as a cutting board. Using the pizza slicer, you can cut the pizza directly on the pizza peel without damaging it.


•These are made to order.

•Please allow 1-3 weeks for the order to be completed.

•The standard size of the pizza peel is 14”x13” with the handle 24” in length. It's 3/4” in thickness or just a little under. The pizza slicer is 7"x13" and 3/4" thick.


The material use can be walnut, teak, maple, cherry, padauk or purple/yellow heart to add some colour. The Pizza Peel in the images is made out of Cherry with some Maple and Zebrawood stripes.


The design and final look of a product will vary as wood patterns are never constant.


When you purchase this item, I will be reaching out to you so we can discuss the design you are looking for as these are made upon order.

Pizza Peel & Slicer

PriceFrom C$40.00
    • Please don’t soak me in water or put me in the dishwasher.
    • Wash me over warm running water & soap. Dry me immediately with a nice cozy towel.
    • Don’t leave me in the sun as it might make me warp or twist.
    • Sometimes my exterior might need to be lightly sanded (220-320 grit and re-oiled/wax).
    • The oil or wax needs to be food safe!


    • S'il vous plaît, ne me trempez pas dans l'eau ou ne me mettez pas au lave-vaisselle.
    • Lavez-moi à l'eau courante tiède et au savon.
    • Séchez-moi immédiatement avec une belle serviette douillette.
    • Ne me laissez pas au soleil car cela pourrait me déformer ou me tordre.
    • Parfois, mon extérieur peut avoir besoin d'être légèrement poncé (grain 220-320 et re-huilé/ciré). L'huile ou la cire doit être de qualité alimentaire.
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