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Wooden Cheese Slicer board

This hand-crafted wooden cheese board with an integrated wire slicer is a masterpiece of form and function. The board, lovingly shaped from a single piece of exquisite hardwood, showcases its natural grain and rich tones. The included wire slicer effortlessly glides through various cheeses, ensuring perfect slices every time. This artisanal creation adds a touch of refined elegance to any cheese tasting experience.


These boards are made for a 5" wire slicer. 


They have 4 rubber feet underneath which allows the board to have a solid grip to the table or counter.


Each board may vary slightly from the picture because of the wood grain of each piece is unique.

Wooden Cheese Slicer board

Ready to ship within 3 weeks
    • Please don’t soak me in water or put me in the dishwasher.
    • Wash me over warm running water & soap. Dry me immediately with a nice cozy towel.
    • Don’t leave me in the sun as it might make me warp or twist.
    • Sometimes my exterior might need to be lightly sanded (220-320 grit and re-oiled/wax).
    • The oil or wax needs to be food safe!
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