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Wooden Salad Fork

These handcrafted wooden salad forks exude a charming rustic elegance that adds a touch of natural beauty to any table setting.


Crafted from carefully selected hardwood, each fork is meticulously carved and sanded to achieve a smooth, velvety finish. The warm tones of the wood are enhanced by a subtle food-safe finish, allowing the natural grain patterns to shine through.


With their slender handles and gently curved tines, these forks offer a comfortable grip and are perfect for serving up salads, fruits, or other delectable dishes.



About 8.5" long and 3.5" wide


Wooden Salad Fork

    • Please don’t soak me in water or put me in the dishwasher.
    • Wash me over warm running water & soap. Dry me immediately with a nice cozy towel.
    • Don’t leave me in the sun as it might make me warp or twist.
    • Sometimes my exterior might need to be lightly sanded (220-320 grit and re-oiled/wax).
    • The oil or wax needs to be food safe!
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